Parents asked to think pharmacy first for children's minor illnesses

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Millions of parents could get more convenient and timely expert advice if their child has a minor illness by opting to go to their local pharmacist first instead of the GP. 

Research for the NHS shows just 10% of mums and dads in the East of England with children under the age of five would consider seeking help about a minor health concern from a high street pharmacist in the first instance.

32% would opt for an appointment with their GP while 1% of those questioned would choose emergency care as their first point of call.

 This is despite an overwhelming majority of adults (82%) from East of England saying they are aware that pharmacists are qualified healthcare professionals who can give advice on most common illnesses which includes when and where to seek advice for more serious conditions.

The NHS is urging more parents to use their pharmacy first in a move which could help free up GP time for sicker patients and help save the NHS around £850 million each year as well as save time for busy families.

You can find out more about the campaign by reading the full news release by reading this document:  pdf Stay Well Pharmacy East of England media release (325 KB)

And you can download the CCG's own guide to common childhood illnesses here.