DISS offers better support for people living with dementia

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Different organisations that offer care for people living with dementia can often provide a better service by working together.

So the CCG has teamed up with Essex County Council, voluntary groups, community providers and NHS partners to launch the Dementia Intensive Support Service, or DISS, which you can contact on 01245 515 313

The new service is being built up to offer one-stop mental and physical health care for people living with dementia. It will help them and the people close to them to manage the condition – and stay in their own homes wherever possible. A crisis team is also easily accessible seven days a week if someone’s condition suddenly gets worse.

The DISS started work on Monday 2 October. Its initial focus was on the most urgent cases – people with dementia who are in A&E or need the emergency services. Once that aspect of the DISS was running smoothly, community services and then social care were added to link into people’s care as well to provide a truly integrated service from the start of December.

There has not previously been a single service in mid Essex that looks after both the physical and mental health of people living with dementia seven days a week. Different parts of health and social services will work better together to build care around a patient’s needs.

The DISS will deliver the new Southend, Essex and Thurrock Dementia Strategy, launching in October, for people living in mid Essex.

You will initially get in touch with the service through your doctor, emergency services or, later, a community nurse or social worker. But you can also seek access to the service yourself, simply by calling 01245 515 313.

You can find more information on the DISS on its dedicated page at Dementia Intensive Support Service (DISS).