Community Ambassador 8 - Daphne Attridge

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When it comes to ‘living well’, Daphne is an inspiration. At 93 she is proof that by keeping active in both body and mind and making time to help others around you, you can certainly ‘Age Well’.

Daphne A for web

Daphne enjoys doing day to-day things – she still drives, does all her own food shopping, cooks herself three meals a day and enjoys making chutneys, jams and homemade wine.

“I also socialise a lot – I have a lot of friends,” Daphne said. “I visit other people and I enjoy inviting people to come and visit me. I write a lot, I especially enjoy writing poetry and acronyms.

“I belong to the local horticultural society where we go on a lot of trips, and I also belong to the theatre group where we get out and about quite a bit too.”

“I can’t just be sitting down; I have to be doing something. At the end of a day, I do enjoy reading a book in bed, but until that point I’ll be on my feet doing something.

“If I’m not cooking a meal at home then I will be enjoying a meal out with friends. Once a week I go to Mrs Cod in Chelmsford with friends and every other week I have a meal at Wetherspoon’s.”

Daphne also volunteers every Tuesday on the helpdesk at Broomfield Hospital.

“It makes me so happy to be helping others,” she said. “I feel that I’m making the hospital a slightly nicer place for people to be coming to.

“Whether it’s just putting people’s mind at rest by helping people to check in using the self-service, ordering taxis, giving change for the car park or ringing for someone to be collected, it’s making a positive difference to somebody.”