Community Ambassador 5 - Bob Gear

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Our community ambassador this week is Bob Gear - joint event director for Maldon Prom ParkRun.

Bob Gear

Maldon Prom parkrun is celebrating its 4th birthday on 26th August and as part of the organising team since its inception in 2013, Bob has volunteered on over 100 events and run at 91 seeing numbers grow from 64 in September 2013 to 366 at its highest with an average of 250 participants per week. During themed events Bob has cheered on a fair number of superheroes, ghosts and Father Christmas’s across the finish line.

4,849 different runners have run a total of 40,636 runs. This equates to 2 years 89 days 22 hours 4 minutes and 11 seconds to run a total of 203,180km.

Looking back Bob says “It has been brilliant to see people’s journeys from those who are looking to improve their times to others who are happy to be moving more and seeing an improvement in their health and fitness.” Maldon Prom parkrun takes place every Saturday at 9am, starting from the amphitheatre. Please see for further information and to register.

There is also a 2km junior parkrun at Maldon Prom for those aged 4 to 14 taking place on Sundays at 9am.