Community Ambassador 6 - Marian Redding

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Our community ambassador this week is Marian Redding – Chair of Fern House Surgery in Witham.

 Marian Redding

Marian Redding wears a number of hats when it comes to helping others to ‘Live Well’.

Her key role is chair of the patient group at Fern House Surgery in Witham. The group acts as “critical friend” to the practice and among many of its important roles encourages patients to take more
responsibility for their own and their family’s health.

Marian has recently been working to promote the Waste Medicines Management project, working with the practice and Mid Essex CCG to reduce the serious problem of wasted or unused
medicines, which costs the NHS about £300 million across the country every year.

Marian and her volunteer colleagues have been spending time in the practice waiting area, informing patients on how they can make the most of their medicines and help to reduce wasted medicines, improving
patient outcomes and helping the local NHS to make needed savings. Marian said: “The project has breathed new life into the patient group as new members are volunteering to help.”
Marian also represents patients at Healthy Witham meetings, is a member of the CCG Patient Reference Group, the service user group for the Mid and South Essex Sustainability and Transformation Partnership and the Adult Autism Partnership Board on behalf of Healthwatch –the consumer champion for health and social care.

Marion is a trustee for the Friends of Braintree Community Hospital and tries to ensure recognition of Witham patients’ needs there. She has helped the Friends with health awareness evenings, too.