Save the lives of others, while going about yours

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This week we are supporting National Blood Week (19 – 25 June) and we’re helping to celebrate how blood donors make a difference every day, saving people whose lives depend on blood.

Over the last year 900,000 people have given up their time by donating blood to help patients in need. But we need 200,000 new blood donors to ensure that patients in the future have access to the blood they need, when they need it.

There is also an urgent need for 40,000 new black donors to improve the lives of thousands of patients with sickle cell disease. They need life-saving blood from black donors, which provides the closest match to their own. Together, we can vastly improve the lives the 15,000 people in the UK who live with Sickle Cell Disease and over 300 new babies born every year with the condition.

When you give blood, you can save someone’s life while going about your own. All you need to do is give blood, and you’ll be right there, helping someone when they need it.

Register to give blood. Visit or call 0300 123 23 23 to find your nearest session.

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