GPs talk frankly in a new film about the Success Regime and their expectations for the future of health and care services

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Four GPs practising in mid and south Essex have spoken to Healthwatch Essex about their hopes for the future of health and care in the county with the Success Regime promising significant changes to how services are delivered.

Recorded to help explain the ‘Success Regime’ to the public, the film pulls no punches in asking the doctors whether they think general practice can survive in its current format, what the most important issue around patient care is, and whether patients can do more to help themselves.

The forthright views of the GPs include explanations as to what they believe will constitute a success in five years’ time when the Success Regime has delivered on its programme of work, and whether they think the aspirations of the Success Regime are in fact ‘Mission Impossible’!

“We’ve been working to try to find ways that the public can really get a handle on the scope of the transformation plan that is the Success Regime,” explained Dr Tom Nutt, Chief Executive of Healthwatch Essex.

“It made sense to go to what is very much the coalface of health care provision and speak to GPs, and we were impressed by their candour. They appreciate the need for a wholesale shift in the way health and care services are delivered, but also recognise the need to retain the things our NHS already does well.”

Healthwatch Essex is playing an active role in the Success Regime as it looks to reconfigure health services in the mid and south of the county. Healthwatch Essex has taken on responsibility for delivering several engagement projects, including films, podcasts and public events.

In addition, the Healthwatch Essex research team is carrying out a study looking at people’s use of A&E at the three acute hospitals. As an independent voice for the people of Essex, Healthwatch Essex will also be playing a key role in ensuring that the public is successfully engaged in the process and their views inform decisions.

“There is no doubt that the Success Regime will change the way many health and care services are delivered and it is important that people start to understand some of the proposals being put forward and how they can be a part of the conversation,” said Tom.

“The formal consultation into the specific plans will not take place until the New Year, so there is still plenty of time to engage in the process and I would certainly encourage anyone interested to view this latest film, our previous film and podcast about frailty, and to keep an eye out for the work we have planned over the coming months.”

Healthwatch Essex is keen to hear people’s views of the Success Regime and can be contacted via their confidential Information Line on 0300 500 1895, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, at the same cost as a local call. Alternatively, click here to send Healthwatch Essex an email.