Met Office says heatwave conditions have arrived

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People should take extra care during the spell of warm weather as the Met Office has confirmed that heatwave conditions have arrived in mid Essex. This means temperatures are high enough to have a significant effect on health.

 Heatwave alerts have been issued for the East of England, South East England and several other parts of the country. Social and healthcare services are being advised to take specific actions that target high-risk groups. And everyone should be aware of the health risks of hot weather and how they can protect themselves - there is guidance on the Mid Essex CCG website.

Remember that it can get uncomfortably hot indoors as well as outside. Try to keep your bedroom and living space cool by closing the curtains on windows that face the sun and opening your windows at cooler times of the day and overnight when it’s safe to do so. Turn off non essential lights and electrical items, as these generate heat.

Rachel Hearn, Acting Director of Nursing and Quality for Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “Very hot weather can be dangerous, especially for people who may have long-term heart, lung or kidney illnesses, diabetes or Parkinson’s disease, as well as pregnant women.

“The key message for healthy individuals is to follow public health messages on how to enjoy the sun safely by staying cool, drinking lots of cold fluids and checking on those you know are at risk. If you are working or exercising outdoors, try to keep strenuous physical exertion during the hottest part of the day to a minimum.

“Hot weather is enjoyable for most people and uncomfortable for some, but sadly experience tells us that exposure to excessive heat can kill, with most cases of illness and death caused by worsening of heart and lung conditions.”

The Heatwave Plan for England has more details of looking after ourselves in very hot weather online at