Mid and South Essex Success Regime - latest progress and start of discussions

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The Mid and South Essex Success Regime has today (1 March) issued an update on work to date. A stakeholder briefing, outlining areas for service change is available online. Over the coming weeks and months more detail will follow to develop options.

The three main areas that may involve service changes are:
• Faster progress towards joined up health and social care based around localities
• More collaboration and shared services across the three main hospitals in Basildon, Chelmsford and Southend
• Changes in urgent and emergency care in line with national recommendations.

The other three areas involve simplifying commissioning and contractual arrangements, developing the healthcare workforce and improving IT and access to shared care records. The intention is to have clinically sustainable services in financial balance by 2018/19.

Dr Ronan Fenton, Medical Director of Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust leads the
Clinical and Professional Leaders Group, which includes lead clinicians from all of the NHS organisations in mid and south Essex and public health and social care professionals from Essex County Council, Southend-on-sea Borough Council and Thurrock Council.

Said Dr Ronan Fenton;

“The Success Regime provides the programme structure and support for our organisations to work together to get the best of modern healthcare to local people.

“This is our opportunity to put services in mid and south Essex at the leading edge of health and social care. This is the chance for clinicians and staff to do what they believe in and have the potential to achieve – safer, more effective, more compassionate care for patients.

“If we don’t change, the current estimated deficit across mid and south Essex could rise to £216 million by 2018/19; and we would not be able to meet year on year growing demands.

“New technologies and treatments are making it possible to do more for people without the need to be in an expensive hospital, even in some crisis situations. Our challenge is to make organisational changes as quickly and as smoothly as possible to put the system back into balance in 2018/19 and deliver the best joined up and personalised care for patients.”

From now until September there will be opportunities for staff, clinicians and local people to get involved in developing options for consultation. Consultation on options for proposed changes is likely in the autumn.

The stakeholder briefing, Mid and South Essex Success Regime: A programme to sustain services and improve care is available for download here.