UPDATE 06/12 - Flood warnings issued across Essex

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The flood situation in Essex has now been downgraded from severe flood warning  to a flood warning.

There is still some risk to properties but the high tides have passed and whilst the full picture will not be known for some time, it appears that the county has fortunately not seen the same conditions as other parts of the country.

The Environment Agency will be out assessing the flood defences to determine if any remedial work needs to be carried out.

The majority of the people who were evacuated from their homes have now left the rest centres.The emergency services worked with local authorities, Essex County Council, Health Service, Environment Agency and the military to ensure that the residents in the local communities near to the coast and rivers were kept safe.

Anyone who wants to know the latest situation regarding the risk of flooding in their area should contact the Environment Agency hotline on 0845 988 1188 or visit the website: