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An innovative new pilot project aiming to reduce the number of attendances and admissions to hospital for frail patients in Mid Essex launches today (10 June).

The 100 Day Challenge, which stretches across Braintree, Chelmsford and Maldon, will focus on preventing avoidable admissions for conditions such as minor falls, non-complicated infections and non-acute confusion.

The pilot has been developed using a multi-agency approach from health and social care professionals and the voluntary sector which includes: Mid Essex Hospital Trust; Essex Cares; Provide; Essex County Council; Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group; North Essex Partnership University Foundation Trust; Age UK; The Village Agents; The Red Cross and GPs.

Dr Carol Bladen, GP at St Lawrence Practice in Braintree said: “Fifty days ago a group of people got together to look at how we can work radically and in collaboration to reduce the numbers of frail people going into hospital for minor conditions.

“There is a recognition that, too often, people end up in hospital because care is too fragmented and services don’t work collaboratively.

“The 100 Day Challenge has produced a new approach to providing care for frail individuals, that can help people to stay safe and secure in their own homes for longer.”

Dr Elizabeth Towers, GP at Whitely House Surgery in Chelmsford, “During the next phase of the project we will be working with GP practices, health and social care professionals, and voluntary sector agencies  across the three areas to test out these new ways of working and give us feedback.

“When this is complete, after 100 days, we hope that the changes can demonstrate their impact and will be adopted across Mid Essex but, more importantly, that patients will see a difference in their care.”

As part of the 100 Day Challenge, care professionals across Mid Essex will be testing the impact of working together in new ways and will be asked to evaluate:

  • A new patient held form, which contains basic information about the patient, as well as emergency information so everyone involved in their care can access the right information and people quickly;
  • An enhanced Single Point of Access for services and professionals which will also be accessible to patients, families and carers. The service includes an updated directory and new triage tools to ensure that patients get the right care at the right time;
  • A database that combines social, demographic and health information about frail patients across Braintree, Chelmsford and Maldon, that gives professionals and multi-disciplinary teams a richer picture of patients and their practical, emotional, social and medical needs.

Ellen VanGemmert, from Provide and member of the Maldon 100 day challenge team, said “We are already seeing the benefits of working with different services and organisations in this way, and it’s been a real eye opener about what can be done when you break down organisational boundaries and really challenge yourself to radically improve the patient experience. We are looking forward to seeing the results at the end of the 100 day challenge.”