COVID-19 information is available in different languages and more accessible formats, to ensure no one is forgotten

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The NHS in Essex is making sure everyone has access to useful information about COVID-19 and the vaccination programme. A range of materials in different languages including Polish, Romanian and Chinese, along with information in different formats including easy-read leaflets, and video, can be found on the recently launched Essex-wide website This will help make sure that we reach as many of our diverse communities across Essex as possible.

The information available covers a range of topics including:

  • General vaccination advice and guidance
  • Easy-read information for people with learning difficulties
  • Resources for people with sensory impairment
  • Information on why you have to wait for a vaccine and what to expect afterwards
  • Advice for older adults and pregnant women
  • Advice for using transport
  • Key information for migrants

You can access translated and easy-read information by visiting the ‘Information and Support’ page at

Dr Sunil Gupta, a GP and Senior Responsible Officer for promoting equality and reducing inequalities in mid and south Essex said:

“We want to make sure everyone in Essex has access to the latest information about COVID-19 and getting vaccinated. This includes residents from our diverse communities who we know can sometimes be hesitant about getting a vaccination.

“This can be down to language barriers in our communities as well as the need to make information available in a range of formats that are easily understood. Providing translated information in a resident’s own language is an essential part of getting everyone vaccinated and protecting our communities.”