My Care Record will help deliver better co-ordinated care

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my care record

People in mid and south Essex will benefit from better, joined-up care thanks to a new programme which gives health and care professionals the ability to view medical records during treatment.

Health and care professionals need to access information in order to make the best decisions about a patient’s diagnosis and treatment. My Care Record will help this to happen more quickly and accurately.

My Care Record does not share your record, but provides health and care clinicians and professionals access to view information relevant to your care and treatment.

Initially, My Care Record will mean clinicians in some parts of the hospital for example and in the community can access patient information from the GP record using existing technology. As and when the technology develops, or new technology comes along, greater sharing of information can happen where appropriate.

Dr Anna Davey, local GP and Chair of NHS Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group commented that My Care Record will mean health and care professionals can provide faster, more effective care for you and your family:

“Often, only health and care professionals within the same organisation can see patient information. This means it can be difficult for them to work together to deliver the best care. My Care Record provides access to information about you from other services, to help improve your care. For example, a doctor treating you in hospital or a nurse working in the community can now view the information they need from your GP record.

“In turn this can mean better coordinated and seamless care, quicker diagnosis and treatment, less paperwork and less repetition, and more accurate prescriptions.

If possible, a patient will be asked whether a clinician or professional can access their information at the point of treatment.

Patients can object to sharing through their GP surgery if they do not want to make their information available.

A dedicated website with frequently asked questions has been created for people to find out more.