Health and care worker COVID-19 testing available across mid and south Essex

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An expanded COVID-19 testing service is now available for key workers across mid and south Essex. This will mean that staff members, or members of their household with symptoms of COVID-19 can, if they work in essential roles, be offered the opportunity to be tested.

Nationally, clinicians working in the following services were the first to be given priority access to testing:

  • Critical Care
  • Emergency Departments
  • Ambulance services

Locally, across mid and south Essex, testing is now being offered to other essential (clinical and non-clinical) staff involved in caring for our population, including those working in;

  • primary care,
  • community and mental health services,
  • hospices, local authorities,
  • care homes, domiciliary care and
  • volunteers.

Tests will be offered, by appointment only, at three locations across mid and south Essex. There will be capacity for 300 tests per day, rising to 500 tests per day in the coming weeks.

Anthony McKeever, Interim Joint Accountable Officer for Mid and South Essex NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups said: “We know that staff in front-line roles are working incredibly hard and are committed to the care of their patients and residents.

"We hope that by offering a swift testing service to staff in essential roles, they will be able to get back to work as quickly as possible, ensuring both their safety and that of the people they are working to support.”

Frequently asked questions for COVID-19 testing for health and care staff in mid and south Essex