Folder Joint Mid Essex formulary

The Mid Essex Locality Joint Formulary is a list of medicines from the British National Formulary (BNF) which have been approved for prescribing by the Mid Essex Area Prescribing Committee. Organisations with prescribing responsibilities are expected to participate in and abide by the decision making processes of the Committee, which develops prescribing guidelines and manages the entry of new drugs into the local health economy.

The spreadsheet shows formulary medicines alphabetically and organised by BNF chapter.

The index list shows the “traffic light” categories (Red, Amber, Yellow or Green) This list can be filtered by traffic light colour.

Each medicine can be found within it’s relevant BNF chapter. The order of prescribing preference is listed where appropriate. For each BNF chapter there are links to relevant Mid Essex guidance and National guidance.



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spreadsheet 1. Mid Essex Formulary Traffic Lights Spreadsheet (updated 17.8.21) ( xlsx, 311 KB ) (2479 downloads) Popular
pdf 2. Primary Care antimicrobial guidance managing common infections MSEMOC (Dec 20) ( pdf, 1.16 MB ) (1668 downloads) Popular
pdf 3. Oral Nutritional Supplements (ONS) Formulary February 2019 ( pdf, 361 KB ) (2054 downloads) Popular
pdf 4. Dressings formulary - GP and nursing homes quick ref guide June 2020 ( pdf, 270 KB ) (2755 downloads) Popular
spreadsheet 5. District nurse and TVN Dressings Formulary List November 2019 ( xlsx, 39 KB ) (6897 downloads) Popular