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 In May 2014, NHS England invited Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to express an interest in taking on an increased role in the commissioning of GP services. The intention is to give CCGs more influence over the wider NHS budget and support local health commissioning arrangements that can deliver improved, integrated care for local people, in and out of hospital.

There are three co-commissioning models that CCGs can operate within. The three models are:

  • Model One: Greater involvement in GP commissioning decisions
  • Model Two: Joint commissioning responsibility with NHS England
  • Model Three: Full delegated responsibility for commissioning the majority of GP services

Mid Essex CCG is currently been operating model one - greater involvement in primary care decision making.

Nationally, it appears that momentum is steadily gathering for CCGs to take on more primary care commissioning responsibilities. We believe we have a unique opportunity to benefit from the resources, guidance and help that is available to CCGs who wish to take on more of these responsibilities.

However, the window of opportunity is extremely small. We believe it’s vital that, with the support of our member practices, we act now in order to maximise the benefits that are available to those CCGs indicating they want to move in this direction.

The document at the link below sets out the differences between the models; the opportunities going forward and things to carefully consider. As we’ve said before, the timescales for this project are incredibly tight, if we are to propose a change in the way we co-commission primary care in mid Essex, the deadlines for our submission to NHS England are:

  • For joint commissioning by 30th September 2015
  • For full delegated responsibility by April 2016

We would welcome your views on what we are proposing and invite you to let us know any questions, queries or comments you may have by no later than Tuesday 1st September 2015. 

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