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This strategy describes how we will support primary care, through primary care networks (PCNs) to become more resilient, to take a key role in integrating care at a local level and to improve the health and wellbeing of our residents. 

It is intended as a blueprint that will both guide the strategic and operational development of primary care and emphasise its importance and contribution to the entire health and care system.


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pdf Engagement Report 2019/20: Listening to our communities – and acting on what you tell us Popular

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NHS Mid Essex CCG duty to involve - Engagement Report 2019-20.pdf

pdf How we have kept in touch with and involved our communities during the local COVID-19 pandemic response Popular

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The Mid and South Essex Clinical Commissioning Groups have shared their communication and engagement function during the pandemic response. This report shows how the joint team has continued to engage with mid and south Essex residents while face to face meetings and events have not been possible during 2020/21.