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CCG Boards are responsible for making decisions about which health services to commission for local people and are accountable to both NHS England and their GP member practices. Each Board’s membership includes local GPs, lay members, a Secondary Care Consultant and members of the senior management team.

Meetings in public

It is expected that a new Health and Care Act will be passed by Parliament which will create new organisations called Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) that will take over many of the functions currently carried out by Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).

The Basildon & Brentwood, Castle Point & Rochford, Mid Essex, Southend and Thurrock CCGs have been following national guidance to prepare to form an ICB for Mid and South Essex and are already sharing a number of functions and planning services across their geographical areas.

In view of this direction of travel and the need to work increasingly collaboratively, the five CCGs’ Boards agreed in February 2022 that their future public meetings should be held in common until the ICB is established. This will:

  • Allow more effective planning for the transition
  • Take advantage of integration already undertaken; and
  • Avoid unnecessary duplication in system-wide decision-making.

How do I attend a virtual meeting?

Members of the public and stakeholders are welcome to attend the CCG’s public Board meetings and to ask questions about items on the agenda or local health services.

Anyone with an internet connection or phone line can access the virtual CCG Governing Body meeting via the MS Teams links published on each CCG’s website.

Whilst you can join through a mobile/smartphone by downloading the MS Teams App, you are advised to use a desktop or laptop computer.

If you choose to access the meeting through a mobile/smartphone you will receive a prompt about installation and use of the MS Teams app alongside the request for a username and password to access the meeting. This is not a requirement when using a desktop or laptop computer. Registration with and use of the app (with GDPR compliance) is therefore at individual discretion.

When prompted, select “Join now”.  The link to access the meeting on Thursday 26 May 2022 is below.

Monday 16 May 2022
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