Folder Annual Report 2020/2021

Annual Report and Accounts

Mid Essex CCG publishes an annual report that demonstrates the performance of the CCG over the previous twelve months. It sets out our achievements and where the CCG has seen improvements in the health services provided.

In this section you will be able to download our latest Annual Report for 2020-21 as well as our Engagement Report and Annual Quality Report:

Engagement Report

Although an outline of public involvement is not mandatory for this years’ annual report, it was important to inform our residents and stakeholders of how we have continued to engage during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can find the report below.

Annual Quality Report

The purpose of this Annual Quality Report is to provide a retrospective overview on Quality. In doing so the report will seek to highlight the innovative approaches that the CCG has adopted in response to the management of COVID-19, whilst continuing to influence the provision of safer; clinically effective healthcare locally. You can find the report below.


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